Sunday, November 4, 2018

Kathmandu – Kerung Jeep Ride Experience

Kathmandu is the crowded city of Nepal which carries both religious and historical importance. There are many temples, monuments and historical places to visit in Kathmandu.
The distance between Kathmandu to Kerung is 175 Km. It normally takes 8-9 hours drive to reach Kerung from Kathmandu. But sometimes it may take more time if there is a traffic jam or any other obstacles. You can experience a unique ride if you are visiting Kerung from Kathmandu for the first time. During the ride, you can see lots and lots of waterfalls on the way. Besides that, you can also have an adventurous ride on the way because the road is bumpy and rough. If you are healthy and physically fit then you will feel excitement during the ride.

On the way, you can see the beautiful terraced farming fields, glorious mountain, rivers, and high Rocky Mountains and hills. Also, you can learn to face the obstacles if there occurs any. So, overall the jeep ride from Kathmandu to Kerung is interesting and too much fun in my point of view.